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Benfits of Virtual Care - New Hope Teletherapy

Benefits of Virtual Care

Everyone struggling with mental health deserves to be heard, supported and accepted.

At New Hope Telehealth, we know that each person’s journey is unique. That’s why we provide individualized treatment designed for what each patient needs, including both medication management and therapy.

Our convenient, virtual services make scheduling appointments to support mental wellness easier.

With shorter wait times and longer appointment times than traditional clinics, our providers are able to connect with our patients as individuals, when they need us.

We are dedicated to giving all our patients the best care possible.

Benfits of Virtual Care - New Hope Teletherapy

What Our Clients Say About Us

Happy Clients

“Lya is very professional. I love her as a therapist. I really have a connection with her!”

Female, age 43

“I searched online for help with my daughter’s mental health and well-being. I found New Hope online and I put in a request online. Immediately someone contacted me and set up a virtual appointment. My daughter set up an appointment with Lya and I can’t say enough about how she has helped our daughter and my family. My daughter has the tools to manage her anxiety and emotions in a positive manner. I feel Lya is very accessible and very patient. I’m glad I decided to seek help at such a pivotal point in my daughter’s life. They also have Valerie who manages my daughter’s medication and monitors her progress. The billing department is always friendly and works with your insurance carrier for you. I would highly recommend New Hope to anyone seeking therapy for themselves or family members.”

Mother of female, age 13

“I have been a patient with New Hope for almost a year, and in that time I have worked with an amazing psychiatrist (PA-C), Valerie Keller, and psychotherapist, Lya Burgess. They helped me with the mental health issues that I was never diagnosed for, and I am now in a much healthier mental state. They also worked with me to understand issues that I have been dealing with all of my life, and how to process them in a healthy way.”

Male, age 45

“I’m very happy with New Hope Telehealth and I would highly recommend their services to others. Valerie Keller provides a professional, respectful and non judgmental ear. She has done an excellent job of listening and working with me to find the right medication.”

Female, age 46

“Telehealth has been a lifesaver! I love being able to log into my appointments virtually, especially on the rough days when I don’t want to venture out of the comfort of my home. Valerie and Lya have been attentive and supportive along my mental health journey. I recommend them to all looking for help and to better themselves.”

Female, age 33

“I can’t say enough about my experience with Valerie and Staff. Valerie is amazing and so professional in her work. I know she cares deeply and will always do the best she can for her patients. I always look forward to my monthly appointments.”

Male, age 42

“Thank you so much. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it’s been working with you and your staff. Even via technology it’s been a much better experience than I’ve been used to.”

Male, age 49

Pricing and Insurance

New Hope Telehealth accepts most commercial insurances, as well as Medicare. Contact us to find out if we are in-network with your insurance.

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National Suicide Hotline:

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